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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Koala is the Word in My World

My World #10

There's always something new in MY WORLD view.
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Postcard from Australia

Nothing scopey today. I'm still feeling groggy with dental anesthesia. So please Koala (bear) with me. Until all work is completely done, and when? I don't know. That will be the time I will be able to keep up all the memes I am joining in. The others that I am not able to participate are called my Sacrificial Lambs. Poor thing. Not my intention, dears.

Meanwhile, here's the huggy Koala. As clingy as the glue. Okay Willa, come and grab them! Anyone with kids are welcome to grab my Koala.

I have another koala but I don't think anyone will be interested to grab this kind.

Anyhow Enjoy! Be careful in handling them. They are too heavy except the one below the real one.