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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A New Day: Post Aurora

Skywatch Friday #15

From Dot to Tom over to Host Klaus with Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy and ...Louise. SkyWatch Friday continues to create a huge sensational Phenomenon in the Meme World. Please keep Skywatching every Friday....the Sky is just above you. Look UP!

Too late for Skywatch. But it's okay.

I got up early today and the beauty of the sky as usual has this mesmerizing effect on me. Without sounding too pious, I always have that feeling of God's divine presence behind the heavenly pulchritude.

These ambrosial attractions were taken way past Aurora. The sky is soft and somewhat gliding. It's our last month of Winter, yet, it already augurs Spring by the look of the sky.

I'm taking part of inserting a Skywatch Word for Today

  /ɔˈrɔrə, ɔˈroʊrə, əˈrɔrə, əˈroʊrə/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [aw-rawr-uh, aw-rohr-uh, uh-rawr-uh, uh-rohr-uh] Show IPA

–noun, plural Au⋅ro⋅ras, Au⋅ro⋅rae /ɔˈrɔri, əˈroʊri/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [uh-rawr-ee, uh-rohr-ee] Show IPA for 2, 3.

1. the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. Compare Eos.
2. (lowercase) dawn.
3. (lowercase) Meteorology. a radiant emission from the upper atmosphere that occurs sporadically over the middle and high latitudes of both hemispheres in the form of luminous bands, streamers, or the like, caused by the bombardment of the atmosphere with charged solar particles that are being guided along the earth's magnetic lines of force.