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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watering a Deserted Parched Planet

Watery Wednesday #12

There's more water in our WATERY WEDNESDAY to fill our drying tanks. Great concept of 2Sweetandsaxy.

It's basically Summer now here though Spring is still the name of the game of our season. The feel of the drought is pretty much unwavering; unrelenting. Moonson rainfall in the past days did not help a bit.

The intensity of the heat dehydrates every fibre of human tissues unimaginable ... so I thought I would bring some with me back home the bluish lake of New Zealand: its silent and almost uninhabited pond, the tempting coolness of the harbour and the refreshing gushes of Huka Falls to cool off some southern tempers of the down underners.

The Swan Lake, not Tchaikovsky's masterpiece but Lake Taupo due to the presence of these elegant black swimmers.

The Marina: Cruising and Fishing Harbour

The Pond I spied below the country road outside the town.

The rustling waves lapping ashore. This portion of the lake is about 20 minutes drive from the main town of Taupo.

Huka Falls, a short fall having fast rapids and forceful current. See Video. It's worth the trouble.