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Monday, May 25, 2009

Summertime Sunday #1 Australia Day

Summertime is a new blog, a new concept by a little boy via his dear Mommy. This boy is starting to get discouraged and wanted to discontinue this Meme, but I am giving a boost to the dear Mommy not to give up because I am joining the fun. I have no more little children but that won't stop me from playing the game for Summertime. Click here and please add your name in Mr Linky's widget and help us to keep the ball rolling. We are counting on you so we can cheer up a little boy's spirit.

Stairway to Rinnie's Beach

Spray Rock

Mountain Stream by the beach

Obedient to their MasterThere's a long stairway down to the beach called Rinnie in Ulladullah, NSW. This was taken at summertime in Australia exactly when we celebrated Australia Day last January 26, 2009. The picture below with the two dogs obediently sitting down for their master was taken with permission. I was down the beach all by myself early in the morning writing a blog when these two rascals came out of the blue and startled my peace.

As a punishment, I took them this photo. The master obediently obliged to me. Pity I did not show interest in getting to know him. He must think I was trespassing his territory. No, he did not punish me.