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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scenic Sunday #4 Way Out in the Country

Scenic Sunday

Rounding the countryside this time. So I thought if I can show a couple
of my old hometown and one of its close neighbouring county. What about giving other Scenic Sunday sites a visit and leaving a drop of your appreciative comment?

"I went to visit our old country town in Orange. I was rather feeling sentimental that tears just rolled down my face the moment the Express
Train was heading the town. I might be full of sentimentality in this travel,
but it also had a tad of humour because I boldly hopped in without booking. Soon I was inside the train, there was no seat allocated for me, so I spoke to
the officer that I illegally boarded without a ticket. Oh, they kept me alright. They found me a place to sit on and allowed me to pay the fare on board. It
was a very relaxing journey and I soaked my mind with past recollections
while enjoying the countryside scenery". ~January 21, 2008

The picture above was taken from the lookout of the town overlooking the mountain landscape of Mt Canobolas. This is a famous "Winter Wonderland" when it snows. Winter is from June to August.

Millthorpe, a small village outside Orange. It's a fairly quiet rural town borne by its own historical relics and artefacts of the convicts' days.

My most recent visit to this little county was tainted with sorrow when I attended our faithful brethren's funeral. It was a perfect day with masses of thick white clouds that hovered around the mourners sending chills into our spine with extra-ordinary cold wind coming from nowhere.

I did a bit of write-up about Orange I would like to share with you.

Happy Mother's Day
to all the mothers in the world!