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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watery Wednesday # 3 Deep deep Blue Sea


This set of photographs is a sequel to my Scenic Sunday#3 shots taken in the same place at different areas. In here, I was in my best privileged position to take snapshots from an elevated balcony of a big holiday house nestling on top of the mountain. I captured these at the height of our autumn in a very summery mood as an aftermath of "heatwave" plaguing this part of the hemisphere. If the outcome of this blog comes distorted, don't panic, as am experimenting with my photo blogging editing skills with a bit of "art". You know trying to be a 'wannabe' creative person and weirdo I am.

Truth of the matter is, it was that little sail boat floating on its own on that particular day that called my attention. I was just being too ambitious and adventurous to try it with my zoomless digicam that I boldly took these photos. And I had a bit of 'good luck'; somehow I did manage to get the glimpse of that lonely sailor gently ploughing the ocean on his own. I wish I was with him and maybe I could have written more poetry. What do you think? Oh, this silly hopeless romantic heart of me. Stop it Me!

Okay Guys, there are plenty of waters to surf around the four continents of the world. Give it a Go this Watery Wednesday!