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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cleanest and Top Town in My World

My World Tuesday #14

A big Thank You to our very innovative Host Klaus and his dynamic team: Sandy, Louise, Wren, The Fishing Guy and Sylvia for promoting

a place to see! Let's help keep our world clean and green like New Zealand!
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God loveth the clean.
~Koran, Ch. 9

We see beautiful green and pristine nature. Now, let's see the human civilization's laid back side of prosperity. Would you agree with me that this is the cleanest town? The world of discipline is right here. Good, helpful, warm and friendly people and a great host to visitors. Of course, they have their own share of domestic blues - but when it comes to housekeeping and hospitality, it seems nothing can beat this beautiful place called Taupo, New Zealand.

Our recent trip to this Green Country was worth every penny, heart and soul we put forth in going there inspite few discomfort of the climate change menu to which we had have no control. All else, we're very happy and pleased!