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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Mood of Climate Change

Skywatch Friday #18

From Dot to Tom over to Host Klaus with Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy and ...Louise. SkyWatch Friday continues to create a huge sensational Phenomenon in the Meme World. Please keep Skywatching every Friday....the Sky is just above you. Look UP!

The sky is the daily bread of the eyes. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The winds grow high; Impending tempests charge the sky;...And big waves lash the frightened shores. ~Matthew Prior

Even The FASCINATING NEW ZEALAND skies were affected by a chain reaction of the Tsunami in Samoa, Earthquake in Indonesia and Noah's Greatest Deluge in the Philippines.
Nevertheless, Please enjoy!


Sydney International Airport: taken before departure time at 8am.

The clouds dusting off its feathers as the plane taxied on the runway ready for a take off.

Auckland International Airport how it looked at past 3pm right after we finished off at the customs. I took this from the window as we were walking inside the airport premise to claim our luggages..

The sticky beak of me spied what's going on inside the airport compound. As you can see, this part is the hub of the airline laborious activities. But my eyes was more focused to the sky.

Now, you see what I mean? I was bit ... bit ... just bit ... as we still had another flight to tackle....with this clouds looming to doom? Heavens forbid!

Crossing towards Auckland Domestic Airport at 4pm

After a long wait, we were called for boarding our flight to Taupo. And this what had greeted us outside: strong dusty wind so freezing cold! Time:5:30pm

Auckland to Taupo Sky in the early stage few minutes after take off

Stage 2 of a milky journey away from the scary bad storm during lift off.

Stage 3 dreaming this heavenly creamy sight

That I call the "Iceberg in the Sky" at the elevation of 16,00 feet above the sea due to the stormy weather condition

We're getting there in few minutes.

Here we come! Safe landing at 6:15pm

Welcome to Taupo!

This is how the sky looks in the landing area soon after we took off from the plane.

A different look outside the premise while waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to Karaka Tree Motel in Taupo. Time:6:50pm

This is where we stayed on our arrival. The sky was looking beautiful and a promising adventure.

Until the sky changed its mind faster as any human minds change.

Storm ingathering. It thickens like faults of men.

The wrath is consumed up in heavens.

Unleashed tears, the sky cannot withhold no more.

Snow-capped mountains of Tongariro National Park visible from the Lake Taupo on a Monday, October 5, 2009.

The last sky seen in town before heading to the airport back home.