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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

City in Red as dust shrouded the sky

Skywatch Friday #17

From Dot to Tom over to Host Klaus with Sandy, Ivar, Wren, Fishing Guy and ...Louise. SkyWatch Friday continues to create a huge sensational Phenomenon in the Meme World. Please keep Skywatching every Friday....the Sky is just above you. Look UP!

Today's story is HERE, a full story of the event that catapulted me out of bed. Thanks to my lovely daughter.

This could be my early and last SKYWATCH ACTIVITY before heading off to New Zealand. What a memory as today is another day of reckoning this country has to confront again: Summer Bushfires, Hail Storms, Floods, Drought, Crimes and other calamities and catastrophes that Mother Nature so direly expresses her fury towards humand kind? ... is it a wonder why things can go so WRONG?

“Red sky at night, sailors delight; red sky at morning, sailors warning”~Proverb


Red haze as sifted by my bedroom window screen

outside gloom from my kitchen window

from my kitchen window about 10 am

from my front glass door

backyard Northeast direction

from my backyard Northeastern direction

backyard Southeast

by midday from my bedroom window trying to capture the dust of the car

the last blast

storm forced by strong winds

clouds gathering momentum

haze dissipating

clearing at 2:56pm

it's cleared by 2:58pm

the glory of my home-sky restored

the sky is back to normal by 3pm so far in my home-sky

My head and my neck are in pain trying to make adjustments in the placement according to the sequence of the day I took these pictures.