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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lake Flows to the Sea and Vice Versa

Watery Wednesday #10

It's peaceful, it's flowing and it's beautiful. And why not? Let's give a positive enhancement to more WATERY WEDNESDAY posted by others who live on the other side of the fence. It's only a mouse away. Great concept of 2Sweetandsaxy.

A Brief Info:

The Entrance is named after its location at the Tasman Sea entrance of the Tuggerah Lakes. The area is a popular holiday and fishing spot. You can swim at the beaches or fish in the Lake.

Pelicans are regularly fed at the Waterfront at approximately 3:30pm daily. The Pelican Feeding Officers present an educational talk while feeding the pelicans. Observers can also get the opportunity to ask questions too.

There are numerous long jetties to walk out onto the lake at Long Jetty. The place sure lives by its name.

At The Entrance, we stayed in a holiday unit called Sundowner. It is located in Marine Parade which is just across this lake. I took this picture one stormy morning while everyone else was still asleep.

The following day, the weather was clear and the tide was also very low. My daughter and I sneaked out of the unit and went for a walk on yet another early morning. While she walked in one direction, I aimed my digicam to this particular angle of the lake that connects to the open sea.