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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Traipsing Around Darling Harbour

Watery Wednesday #7

I'm back! Please come with me to the most beautiful harbour in the world and be swept off your feet to the symphonic view of Darling Harbour. Great viewing here and photo taking as well. Now let's surf the watery blogworld here. Great concept by 2Sweetandsaxy.

Four months into a complete Solitary Confinement called Empty Nest, I went out to traipse around the city and ended my feet entering the gateway to the famous Darling Harbour. You would know it is Darling Harbour if you will see this Sign:

The Sydney Olympic 2000 Logo.

Sparkling Fountain

Lazing for a free green grass bed under the shade.

Foot Spa Anyone?

Pyrmont Bridge and the Story behind.

Cockle Bay and elsewhere

Sydney’s early settlers knew Darling Harbour as Cockle Bay, due to the abundance of shellfish, long before this previously tranquil inlet became the city’s main industrial region, with docks, a railway yard and an international shipping terminal. The area later fell into a decline, but was revamped by the State Government and opened in 1988 in time for the bicentenary celebrations.

Ya, the year I arrived this blessed country sweeping in green and gold.