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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The World of a Beautiful Wedding

My World #6

There's always something new in MY WORLD view.
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"It's simple, beautiful and elegant", says Ayoma. She is my daughter's best friend Shenalie's mother. My daughter regarded Shenalie's parents as her second parents.

A partial story here. As promised. Enjoy.

The Newlywed

Nikki: Bridal Hair Work

Sarah: Make-Up Lady at work

Bridal Dressed Up

The Bride is coming down.

Mother's Corsage

Blissful Bouquet from Mother-in-Law

The Girls and I

The Bride and her Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

The Hummer

It's My Day!

Farewell to my Youth and my Single Bliss Life

With Emma in The Hummer, the Ring Bearer

The Groom

The Groom and Marriage Celebrant

The Vow

The Bands That Tie them in a Circle

It's Sealed

Now, I can't get away from you

Thee, We Witness

The Dove, Symbol of Love and Peace

The Wedded Bliss in Auburn Botanical (Japanese) Garden

With all my love and blessing